Life Happens . . . With or Without Anchoring

Listen on One instrument purposefully designed to protect a vessel by holding it in place, the anchor proves its worth when used correctly, especially under adverse conditions. Perspective, introspection, and reflection are interwoven words that continually affect the efficacy of my anchor. Depending on the depth of my chosen cruising waters, strength, and length … More Life Happens . . . With or Without Anchoring

Life Happens . . . so do Glimpses of Self

Listen at or Laying, submitting to tiredness raging within, forcing eyes to close, I see myself, alone, like a music box dancer slowly turning on her toes, perfectly poised and smiling. My feet, fastened to a spindle of time, in a field of flowering growth where my sense of wonder thrills me while gracefully … More Life Happens . . . so do Glimpses of Self

Life Happens . . . Written in Clouds of Dust and Moisture

OR From moisture’s touch on dust came clay.Kneaded, to frame a heart and mind, a soul created after God’s image.A watery immersion through the canal of love into mortality’s realmsnourishes the flesh for travel in this wilderness called life. Very early in life, her training and life’s conditioning take place mostly outdoors. Visualizing dreams … More Life Happens . . . Written in Clouds of Dust and Moisture

Life Happens . . . Before I Was Born

Before I was born,in a space beyond time as we know it, I roam among trees.Alpine meadows, in the mountain shadows,calling my spirit,lead the way to cascading waterfalls.Before I was born, in an expanse where eternity breathes,I deeply inhale.Winds, whispering through vast mountains valleys,lifting me upwardshow me peaks of inspiration, stillness.Before I was born,in realms … More Life Happens . . . Before I Was Born

Life Happens . . . so do Paddleboarding Trails

Almost seeing heatwaves beckon its evaporating power upon the liquid splattered rocks, the vaporized stench of canine urine steaming upwards, right through wind-driven currents, into her nostrils causes scrunch face. Peacefully lounging one moment, then the next, her mind following the invisible trail of nature’s odorous spring brings her eyes to stare at the newly … More Life Happens . . . so do Paddleboarding Trails

Life Happens . . . so do Discoveries

March 27, 2020 — On this date, I published my first post on Life Happens. Never anticipating the variety of experiences leading me to share my private life online, nervous excitement and hesitancy became companions. March 26, 2021 — A year passes. Through emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual voyages resulting in deep contemplation, tears, smiles, … More Life Happens . . . so do Discoveries

Life Happens . . . so do Pillows of Opposites

Weariness flows through every careas she climbs into her night’s lair.Crawling under snug warm cover,knowing not which dream may hover,her eyes close to the sandman’s spell. Tossing, turning, and restlessness on the battle’s pillow front threatens peace in dreamland. The unsettling vision hovers, seeking refuge in a disguised haven of wonderment hidden in the darkened … More Life Happens . . . so do Pillows of Opposites

Life Happens . . . so do Tapestries

I make no apologies for loving whom I love. Unanticipated and unexpected circumstances opened my heart in ways unimaginable. Cherished threads of priceless silvery filaments, reflecting rainbows of luminescent hope, friendship, and care, enrich two loveable illustrations weaving themselves as divinely gifted vignettes, witnessing hope, in my tapestry. With strength of character, integrity, and wisdom, … More Life Happens . . . so do Tapestries

Life Happens . . . so does Sacred Breath

Thusbeginsthe cadence,rhythmic blending,as two become one.The music of loving,relationship’s harmony,a cycle of life renewing,swells within fertility’s embrace,protecting solemnity; sacred breath. His heart and hands lovingly watch over her.From the cradle of warmth, womb release,a cry escapes, echoing life,in welcome joy, she snuggles.Mortal realms, sands of time,grains for memories,hourglass blessingsreverencesacredbreath. Embrace the emotion washing from head … More Life Happens . . . so does Sacred Breath