. . . so do Dreams

Tales of wishing wells, butterflies, and magic kissesspin exquisite golden threads, a halo for her dreams.Under the cover of starlight awe, her heart misseshis taste upon her lips, lingering beneath moonbeams.A comet shoots across the sky with its blazing tail,ribbons of flames, glories, trailing its celestial sphere,sparking reminiscence of love, mythology’s grail,unveiling hearts bound as … More . . . so do Dreams

…so do Heroes

What makes a photograph memorable? Is it the unspoken language of composition, heard solely within a heart, that stimulates emotional reflexes? The use of light and dark to capture a moment in the ‘eye of the beholder’ reflects an invisible thread. Like the magical wonder of a spider’s intricately woven web, the human eye sees … More …so do Heroes

. . . so do Whispers

My heart feels where my hands need reachingto touch the holy fingertips of God,as He, with outstretched arms beseeching,quietly whispers, “I am always here.” Yes, He knows my need to feel cradledin the hollow of His tender embrace.As I, with His acceptance, snuggledhumbly, He tenderly whispers, “Abide.” Stilling calmness, a comforting balm,He wraps around me … More . . . so do Whispers